Sunday, 23 April 2017

The weekly brew 8

This week’s summit cuppa comes to you from the background scenery you saw two weeks ago in “The weekly brew 6", i.e. the top of Cairn table. We had an early...ish start this morning in order to make the most of the weather before it changes this afternoon and we were, as you can see, well rewarded for our effort.

Oh, and I’ve just happily realised that there’s another added bonus of getting moving so early. I’m back in plenty of time for a quick wash and able to get myself down the local for a couple of beers with the “Sunday club” and take full advantage of my day off tomorrow before starting my new shift pattern at work.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

The weekly brew 7...minus the cuppa

No outdoors for me this week as A) the weekend weather’s complete pish and, B) I’m still up to my neck desperately trying to download and move every single photo on Bigbananamountains over to SmugMug before Photobucket completely implodes.

Outdoor photo duties thus fell to Louise and Nelliedug as they were off up to Thurso and surrounding areas on holiday all week with our pal Laura and her dug Shelby. Only problem is that they forgot to take a stove.....still it’s the getting out that counts!

I'm only mildly jealous!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The weekly brew 6

This week’s brew with a view was brought to you from the summit of Middlefield Law looking over at an old favourite that’s not been visited in some time, ‘Cairn Table’...must rectify that soon!

Despite yesterday’s weather forecast being infinitely better than today’s, life generally seemed to conspire to force us to make the best of a brief weather window this afternoon....and when I say brief I really mean it! We were up at the summit, had a quick cuppa and were back at the car again within 2 hours. Through luck more than anything it seems that we also made it just in time as the heavens decided to open just as the dug was being re-installed in the boot and my rucksack being hurriedly slung across the back seat.

We still got out and about this weekend though so I’ll consider it mission accomplished :)

Thursday, 6 April 2017

SmugMug Test

Since photobucket appears to have imploded with their site design getting slow and clunky to the point where it's practically unusable I've fast been losing patience with them. I think though that I've just had the final straw dropped onto my back from a great height as it now appears that they've managed to lose quite a few folders of my photographs along with practically everything I've uploaded this year for the blog. I've tried emailing/contacting them and am now just getting fobbed off with a combination of site robot generated replies and meaningless platitudes and apologies about how their engineers are working on it etc but there appears to be no progress. In fact, since I've contacted them it seems that even more content has evaporated into the ether!

I'm more than slightly peeved and I've had enough...and since my subscription renewal with them is due this month they've also had enough of my hard earned and won't be getting a penny more. I'm now forced to see what I can salvage from the remaining tatters of their website/servers and my my own back ups (which won't go all the way back) and then slowly try to migrate every photo for the blog that's hosted with them to a new provider. That's over 200 posts, many of them with quite a few photos. I may well be some time....

Anyway, the point of this post is to apologise for all the recently broken posts and missing photos on here (I will try my best to reinstate everything asap) and to test uploading photos from the trial SmugMug account I've opened to see how well it works for my needs etc. Assuming that this works OK you should now be seeing some gratuitous pictures of Nellie the Bigbananamountaindug...

Normal service shall resume soonish I hope :(

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The weekly brew 5

After last week’s lone outing it was quiet pleasant to have some company and conversation this time to enjoy along with the now obligatory cuppa. We unanimously decided not to do anything either too strenuous or involving a long drive as we’re both quite exhausted after my first week in my new job (there’s not been a 05:30 alarm for over a month now!). So with that in mind we opted for a wee wander round one of our more local and blissfully quiet weekend dug walks.

Even in the Central Belt of Scotland you don’t have to go too far to find a quiet spot to enjoy being outside.

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